26 Jun 2023
'IPDirector Main Features :
- IPDirector compatible with Multicam 20.5 & Multicam 16.6 [IPD-13936]
- IPDirector compatible with VIA XSquare 4.7 [IPD-13934]

Bug fixes:
- If a channel isn't assigned to a story, when CUE from this elements position is used, channel doesn't go to black [IPD-13584]
- Thumbnails are not visible in IPDirector [IPD-13864]
- When story is floated in iNews, the channel does not go black and next clip is cued [IPD-13899]
- Discrepancies between codec displayed in IPD and actual codec chosen on the XT [IPD-13904]
- Ingest scheduler Job doesn't show up until you close/reopen window [IPD-13906]
- IPD Web Toolkit doesn't show version 8 licenses [IPD-13909]
- GUI problem with the loop icon in the Playlist Panel [IPD-13977]
- Loading ABRoll Playlist doesn't put all channels to black [IPD-13997]
- When using MPlay or macro commands, sometimes the Playlist ID is equal to Id: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 [IPD-14026]
- I/O marks disappear in the PGM after switching focus from timeline to PGM [IPD-14033]
- [MH Tenant 5] problem with audio Mpegdash file in the nearline [IPD-14039]
- Send-to-Targets inside Database Explorer/Playlists displayed twice [IPD-14043]
- IPDirector clip player freezes on playlist playback [IPD-14070]
- Ingest Schedule updates from API makes XSquare target disappear [IPD-14077]
- Desync IPMOS when floating an element inside an offline playlist [IPD-14078]
see release note for details

Please note that as of end of June Technical and User Manuals are no longer uploaded in the Download Area. You can find them on our new Documentation Center on our VIA Portal.
From IPDirector 8.0 software versions are available on demand.
Some mandatory actions must be performed on your system as part of the upgrade process.
Please contact your EVS Account manager to discuss the steps required as part of the upgrade, and how to obtain the software.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
IPDirector release Notes Release notes pdf 436.51 KB
IPDirector - Read me before installing - Contact EVS Release notes 08.02 pdf 124.06 KB
Upgrade/downgrade procedure to/from IPDirector Technical manuals 08.02 pdf 376.34 KB
Setup Files for IPDirector (Remote Installer Setup) Software zip 129.02 MB
IPDirector package Software ipd 1.17 GB
IPDirector Workstation Cleaner Software 08.02 zip 1.45 MB
Web Toolkit Software 08.02 exe 899.53 KB

IPDirector Small Apps

Name Type Version File Release Date size
IPBrowse package Software ipd 103.99 MB
IPClipLogger package Software ipd 100.34 MB
IPBrowse setup Software exe 104.03 MB
IPClipLogger setup Software exe 100.38 MB
IPD Xedio Plugin setup Software exe 22.37 MB

Publish Add-On 2.5.0

Name Type Version File Release Date size
PUBLISH Add-On Release Note Release notes 2.5.0 pdf 176.16 KB
PUBLISH Add-On setup Software 2.5.0 zip 920.19 MB

IPWeb 2.13.215

Name Type Version File Release Date size
IPWeb Release Note Release notes 2.13 pdf 193.05 KB
Setup files for IPWeb (API installer) Software 2.13.215 exe 86.21 MB
Setup Streaming Server (Full) Software 2.13.215 zip 4.46 GB
Setup Streaming Server (Light) Software 2.13.215 zip 274.97 MB

IP MOS Gateway & Browser

Name Type Version File Release Date size
IP MOS Gateway Software exe 16.55 MB
IP MOS Browser Software exe 154.30 MB

Auto Clipping Tool

Name Type Version File Release Date size
Auto Clipping Tool Release Note Release notes pdf 357.90 KB
Auto Clipping ToolSetup Software exe 8.29 MB

Archive Add-On 1.4.0

Name Type Version File Release Date size
ARCHIVE Add-On Release Note Release notes 1.5.0 pdf 162.42 KB
ARCHIVE Add-On setup Software 1.4.0 zip 825.32 MB