VIA Xsquare Suite 04.02.04

03 May 2021
VIA Xsquare Suite 4.2 - Avr 2021 - Major release:
- New VIA Xsquare UI as an app
- SDR/HDR Conversion: BBC LUTs
- Downsampling from 50p to 25p
- Keep SLSM info when transcoding

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It is essential to acquire the new VIA licenses in order to run the XTAccess 4.x servers with VIA Xsquare 4.x. Please contact EVS Support to do so.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xsquare Suite Installer for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Software 04.02.04 exe 1.85 GB
Xsquare Suite Installer light Software 04.02.04 exe 945.87 MB
VIA Xsquare UI App Software 1.0.2 exe 162.39 MB
VIA Licensing Manager Software 1.0.3 exe 29.48 MB
Xsquare Suite Install Manual Technical manuals 04.02 pdf 2.13 MB
Xsquare Suite Release Notes Release notes 04.02.04 pdf 537.40 KB
Xsquare User’s Manual User manuals 04.02 pdf 5.91 MB
List of codecs supported by XTAccess Technical manuals 04.02 pdf 230.36 KB
Compatibility Matrix with NLEs Technical manuals 04.02 pdf 334.42 KB