VIA Xsquare Suite 4.7.1

26 Jun 2023
VIA Xsquare Suite 4.7.1 :
- Fixed an issue where the search field in the Templates interface was sometimes disabled
- Fixed an issue related to help link redirecting to a wrong url
- Fixed an issue with the resizing of the columns in the monitoring interface
- Fixed an issue occurring when saving a transfer to Adobe cluster
- Fixed an issue preventing the monitoring tool to automatically start at Windows launch randomly.
- Issue with the VarID not being applied to second target in a template
Regression introduced with version 4.6 leads to the VarID is being set only for the first target of the template and it's fixed in this 4.7 version. (XTA-5863)
- Issue with the Restore to XT workflow with jobs failing with the error message "LSMid already exists on XT"
A wrong behavior when setting the location when restoring a clip to XT server has been introduced with the feature to restore a clip next to source clip.
This wrong behavior is now fixed in XTAccess 4.7.1 (XTA-5903)

Please note that as of end of May Technical and User Manuals are no longer uploaded in the Download Area. You can find them on our new Documentation Center on our VIA Portal.
It is essential to acquire the new VIA licenses in order to run the XTAccess 4.x servers with VIA Xsquare 4.x. Please contact EVS Support to do so.

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Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xsquare Suite Release Notes Release notes 4.7.1 pdf 370.57 KB
Xsquare Suite Installer for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 Software 4.7.1 zip 2.22 GB
Xsquare Suite Installer for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Software 4.7.1 zip 2.13 GB
Xsquare Suite Installer light Software 4.7.1 exe 1.75 GB
VIA Xsquare UI App Software 1.0.2 exe 162.39 MB