LSM-VIA 1.4.6

13 Jun 2022
LSM-VIA is an IP-based solution that streamlines live slow motion replay and highlights operations thanks to its usability, flexibility, speed and control.
It works with the XT-VIA server and relies on EVS VIA microservices ecosystem, opening up new workflows and providing faster and direct access to all the content on the live production network.

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Compatible with Multicam 20.2 only

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
LSM-VIA Release Notes version 1.4.6 Release notes 1.4.6 pdf 186.41 KB
LSM-VIA 1.4 User manual User manuals 1.4 pdf 9.18 MB
LSM-VIA 1.4 Installation and configuration manual User manuals 1.4 pdf 14.18 MB
RCU-VIA Remote Technical reference Technical manuals 1.0 pdf 542.92 KB
XClient-VIA Technical reference Technical manuals 1.0 pdf 1.10 MB
LSM-VIA 1.4 Remote OS factory installation Software 1.4 gz 120.88 MB
LSM-VIA 1.4.6 Installer Software 1.4.6 gz 1.44 GB
LSM-VIA Centralized Deployment Tool 1.0 Software 1.0 gz 26.35 MB