VIA Xsquare Suite 4.9

27 Nov 2023
VIA Xsquare Suite 4.9 :
-New functionalities:
- Wrapping XAVC-Intra and AVC-Intra in OP1B
- Configuration for setting initial duration in growing MXF files
- Extended frame rate conversion support (23.976,24,25,29.97 fps as source to broadcast formats)
Bug fixes:
- Fixed - Job Templates - A new Encoder/Wrapper profile created from a Job Template is not automatically selected [XSQ-4968]
- Fixed – Filtering and sorting issues in the orchestration [XSQ-4964][XSQ-4965][XSQ-4973][XSQ-4974]
- Fixed – Impossibility to configure overwrite policy based on a VarID [XSQ-5005]
- Fixed – Issue with target configuration not correctly taken into account [XSQ-4971]
- Fixed – Some destinations were not correctly displayed in the job initiators grid [XSQ-4940]
- Fixed – Sorting on columns rests search results [XSQ-4903]
- Fixed – UNC path were not kept when changing the number of destination in a template [XSQ-4797]

Please note that as of end of May Technical and User Manuals are no longer uploaded in the Download Area. You can find them on our new Documentation Center on our VIA Portal.
With this VIA XSquare 4.9 version, the XtraMotion Cloud functionality is no more usable. If you still want to use XtraMotion Cloud instances, please don’t upgrade to 4.9 but to 4.9.1 or higher.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xsquare Suite Release Notes Release notes 4.9.b pdf 493.57 KB
Xsquare Suite Installer for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 Software 4.9 zip 2.16 GB
Xsquare Suite Installer for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Software 4.9 zip 2.07 GB
Xsquare Suite Installer light Software 4.9 exe 1.69 GB