IPWeb 2.13.215

12 Dec 2022
IPWeb 2.13.235 Main Features:
- Greater speed of fast forward and fast rewinds up to 64x

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Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Setup files for IPWeb (API installer) Software 2.13.215 exe 86.21 MB
Setup Streaming Server (Full) Software 2.13.215 zip 4.46 GB
Setup Streaming Server (Light) Software 2.13.215 zip 274.97 MB
Setup Configuration and Monitoring Tool Software 2.13.215 zip 94.74 MB
IPWeb Release Note Release notes 2.13 pdf 193.05 KB
IPWeb User's Manual User manuals 2.13 pdf 8.76 MB
IPWeb Installation & Configuration Manual Technical manuals 2.13 pdf 3.06 MB
STR1-4100S Technical Reference - Hardware Technical manuals pdf 1.34 MB