IPWeb 2.9.178

30 Nov 2020
IPWeb 2.9 Main Features:
- PUBLISH Add-On 2.1
o Publish to multiple accounts of same social media
o Publish at a specified date and time
- Ability to define thumbnail
- Ability to change password
- Ability to search on target name in Send To window
- Ability to send to Xsquare target from grid
- Visibility on MXF high-resolution files in the grid
- Asset preferred/secondary angle visibility in grid
- Display clips LSMID in grid columns

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Setup files for IPWeb (API installer) Software 2.9.177 exe 94.53 MB
Setup Streaming Server (Full) Software 2.9.178 zip 4.19 GB
Setup Streaming Server (Light) Software 2.9.178 zip 189.51 MB
Setup Configuration and Monitoring Tool Software 2.9.177 zip 109.61 MB
IPWeb Release Note Release notes 2.9.178 pdf 133.88 KB
IPWeb User's Manual User manuals 2.9 pdf 8.20 MB
IPWeb Installation & Configuration Manual Technical manuals 2.9 pdf 2.06 MB