X-One 1.13.1

26 Mar 2024
Please note that as of end of June Technical and User Manuals are no longer uploaded in the Download Area. You can find them on our new Documentation Center on our VIA Portal.
- From X-One 1,11, the licenses management has been changed to VIA Platform. Some mandatory actions must be performed on your system before installing the version.
Please contact your EVS Account manager and EVS Customer Support to discuss the steps required;
- From X-One 1.10, X-One application can only be installed on a X-Client HW. It is no longer possible to run the Client application directly on the server.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
X-One release notes Release notes 1.13.1 pdf 236.77 KB
XR-Neo installer (server) Software 1.3.1 iso 9.99 GB
X-One installer (client) Software 1.13.1 iso 3.83 GB
Sentinel RMS license manager installation file for CentOS Software 10.1.5 rpm 72.80 MB


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