DYVI 2.3.1

24 Apr 2023
NMOS – Configuring a receiver or sender from a Broadcast Controller (IS-05) using transport parameter on an Extension PMY is not applied (DYVI-7538)
ST2022-7 - Modify the max allowed Jitter value to 150 Microseconds for all DYVI Input Streams (Dyvi-7460)
ST2022-7 - The monitoring of the path difference sometimes is stuck/inaccurate (Dyvi-7463)
NMOS - Senders needs ~2min to be listed up in NMOS node during the initial registration (Dyvi-7468)
NMOS - cluster reboot, sources need up to 80s to be listed up. (Dyvi-7469)
NMOS - wrong value for sender source_port (Dyvi-7470)
G4-NMOS: The current NMOS implementation does not support Mixed Setup (Dyvi-7482)
NMOS - labels contains wrong or miss information (Dyvi-7499)

Please note that as of end of June Technical and User Manuals are no longer uploaded in the Download Area. You can find them on our new Documentation Center on our VIA Portal.
- This version is only compatible with PMY G4 hardware
- The audio on SDI support requires 2.2 SDI I/O Boards with additional power chords and specific BIOS parameters. Please contact EVS Support to use audio on SDI with Dyvi 2.2
- When upgrading from v2.0.6.x, it’s necessary to upgrade the Dyvi PMY and Control Panel to the v2.0.7.2 version first before upgrade these to v2.2
- The Live IP support requires 3.0 IP I/O Boards
- A new BIOS version and settings for PMY is needed since DYVI 2.0.7 (Please contact EVS Support)
- I/O Boards CPLD version must be v7 or above
- Since v2.0.7.1, it is necessary to perform a new configuration to allow DYVI render “user” or “custom” fonts. Please see the User Manual page 80 (DYVI-5460)
- The FTP server port on the PM is now 10021 instead of 21. Do not forget to modify your FTP client parameter accordingly (Filezilla). See the user manual, section 2.9.8, for more details.
- We strongly advise to make a backup of all existing productions before upgrading to v2.2. Indeed, the older production versions are upgraded to the v2.2 format when the “save” button is pushed.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
DYVI GUI Software Software 2.3.1 exe 24.37 MB
DYVI Processing Module Software Software 2.3.1 gz 682.77 MB
DYVI Control Panel Software Software 2.3.1 gz 50.10 MB
DYVI 2.3.1 Release Notes Release notes 2.3.1 pdf 301.90 KB
DYVI 2.3.1 User Manual User manuals 2.3.1 pdf 31.24 MB
DYVI 2.3.1 Technical Reference Technical manuals 2.3.1 pdf 16.40 MB