S-CORE Edge 2.0.2

25 Feb 2019
S-CORE Edge is a software-based IP to IP processing solution. Based on a standard server architecture, it provides a scalable solution for core processing functions such as ST 2110-20 Nating, Clean Switching, Camera Shading, and ST 2110-30 Audio Shuffling.

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S-CORE Edge 2.0.2 Clonezilla Installation Software 2.0.2 zip 2.41 GB
S-CORE Edge 2.0.2 Release Notes Release notes 2.0.2 pdf 211.43 KB
S-CORE Edge 2.0 Public API User manuals 2.0 pdf 734.42 KB
S-CORE Edge 2.0 Configuration Technical manuals 2.0 pdf 1.22 MB