Xeebra 2.7

13 Jun 2022
1080P sources exported with “Full speed” option in real-time
Decrease 3D cross vertical height in the offside line module
Reload 3D positions in an offside line event
Additional anchor points on line’s pitch for manually repositioning the wireframe
Reload permanent extra landmarks
Automatic wireframe detection improvements on the high behind cameras and other camera angles

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Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xeebra Server installer 2.7 Software 2.7 iso 6.43 GB
Xeebra Client installer 2.7 Software 2.7 iso 3.05 GB
Xeebra 2.7 release notes Release notes 2.7 pdf 350.91 KB
Xeebra 2.7 User Manual User manuals 2.7 pdf 96.45 MB
Xeebra 2.7 Installation manual Technical manuals 2.7 pdf 6.45 MB
Measurement Manual Technical manuals 2.6 pdf 6.14 MB
Xeebra Bestpractice Technical manuals 2.6 pdf 57.67 MB
PM-X Server 2U hardware Manual Technical manuals 1.0 pdf 1.17 MB