30 Aug 2021
- Support for new 2.2 SDI Board
- Bug fixes and improvements
- New BIOS version and settings for PM-Y (Please contact EVS Support)
- New configuration needed to use custom fonts, please refer to the release notes
- The FTP server port on the PM is now 10021 instead of 21. Do not forget to modify your FTP client parameter accordingly (Filezilla). See the user manua for more details.
- This version is only compatible with PM-Y G4.
- We strongly advise to make a backup of all existing productions before upgrading to v2.0
- This version is in restricted mode. Please contact EVS Support to request access.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
DYVI GUI Software Software exe 20.88 MB
DYVI Processing Module Software Software gz 756.59 MB
DYVI Control Panel Software Software gz 41.19 MB
DYVI Release Notes Release notes pdf 225.56 KB
DYVI User Manual User manuals pdf 10.75 MB
DYVI Technical Reference Technical manuals pdf 2.16 MB