X-One 1.7.1

29 Mar 2021
Go to Timecode
Network Quality Display
Deactivating NDIs PRV
Selecting the Cameras to Capture in a Highlight
Create Live Clips on the PRV
Export App improvements

Browse the online user manual

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
X-One installer 1.7.1 Software 1.7.1 iso 8.51 GB
X-One 1.7.1 release notes Release notes 1.7.1 pdf 308.15 KB
Installation manual X-One 1.7 Technical manuals 1.7 pdf 867.25 KB
User Manual X-One 1.7 User manuals 1.7 pdf 3.82 MB
X-One Ext Audio App Note Technical manuals 1.0 pdf 1.24 MB
PM-X Server 2U hardware Manual Technical manuals 1.0 pdf 1.17 MB