Xeebra 2.5.1

22 Feb 2021
Protect Events
New way of configuration for the Camera offset
Lock/UnLock calibration history
Xeebra preset

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Upgrade from 2.3.X or previous version to this version will require a new offside line license

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xeebra installer 2.5.1 Software 2.5.1 iso 10.70 GB
Xeebra 2.4.1 release notes Release notes 2.5.1 pdf 354.84 KB
Xeebra 2.5.1 User Manual User manuals 2.5.1 pdf 3.62 MB
Xeebra 2.5.1 Installation manual Technical manuals 2.5.1 pdf 916.60 KB
Measurement Manual Technical manuals 2.0 pdf 7.56 MB
Xeebra Bestpractice Technical manuals 2.0 pdf 1.03 MB
PM-X Server 2U hardware Manual Technical manuals 1.0 pdf 1.17 MB