Xeebra 2.1.3

28 Jan 2019
Improved Offside line and tools for Football (Soccer)
- Radial distortion
- Calibration Persistence
- Fixed & Intermediary cameras management
- Double line option improvements
- Addition of Goal Line Cameras
- Addition of grass cutting lines wireframe
- 3D Line and Double Line option in the configuration
The configuration of the XKeys has been modified from version 2.0.1 following a development around the shortcuts.  
For information about new procedure, please refer to the tech ref.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xeebra installer 2.1.3 Software 2.1.3 iso 8.51 GB
Xeebra 2.1.3 release notes Release notes 2.1.3 pdf 407.50 KB
Xeebra 2.1 User Manual User manuals 2.1 pdf 65.60 MB
Xeebra 2.1 Tech Ref Technical manuals 2.1 pdf 9.29 MB
Xeebra 2.1.3 Offside Line Module technote Technical manuals 2.1.3 pdf 1.51 MB