Xeebra 2.0.1

27 Aug 2018
New features:
- Offside Line Integration: Xeebra now provides an option to precisely detect offside positions
- Audio can now be ingested and exported
- Addition of XAVC Long GOP format in Export application
- Customization of BePlay buttons
- It is now possible to jog by dragging your finger inside jog area
- Addition of an optional browse bar screen

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Xeebra installer 2.0.1 Software 2.0.1 iso 8.35 GB
Xeebra 2.0.1 release notes Release notes 2.0.1 pdf 344.14 KB
Xeebra 2.0 User Manual User manuals 2.0 pdf 66.18 MB
Xeebra 2.0 Tech Ref Technical manuals 2.0 pdf 9.32 MB