DYVI 1.6.0

27 Mar 2017
- Support for 23,98p
- Support for audio
- New DYVI Tally protocol (Support Image Video TSI Tally)
- XSecure Licence Protection
The SW itself is not available for download in evs.com. It will be sent on demand via MyEVS.
Please contact your EVS sales representative or Customer Support team.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
DYVI 1.6.0 Release Notes Release notes 1.6.0 pdf 354.79 KB
DYVI 1.6.0 User Manual User manuals 1.6.0 pdf 18.91 MB
DYVI 1.6.0 Technical Reference Technical manuals 1.6.0 pdf 5.78 MB
DYVI Tech Notes bundle Technical manuals 1.6.0 zip 2.86 MB