Ingest Funnel 1.3.1

06 Feb 2017
Fixed workload performance for Ingest Funnel Central.
Fixed audio issue in ENG P2.
Factory settings are moved to read only to prevent operator mistakes.
Fixed issue in ingest file with side card EVS.XML transfromed by Xsquare.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Ingest Funnel Lite Installer - Windows 7 Software 1.3.1 exe 1.23 GB
Ingest Funnel Lite Installer - Windows 10 Software 1.3.1 exe 1.73 GB
Ingest Funnel 1.3.1 Release Notes Release notes 1.3.1 pdf 337.66 KB
Ingest Funnel Operator manual User manuals 1.3 pdf 9.51 MB