Ingest Funnel 1.3.0

09 Jan 2017
Support Windows 10.
New ENG and File formats.
Automatic consolidation of ENG cards and Scan Folders.
Browse/Create Interplay catalogs.
Client Floating Licences.
Simplified Workflow Designer

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
Ingest Funnel Lite Installer - Windows 7 Software 1.3.0 exe 1.23 GB
Ingest Funnel Lite Installer - Windows 10 Software 1.3.0 exe 1.73 GB
Ingest Funnel 1.3.0 Release Notes Release notes 1.3.0 pdf 525.44 KB
Ingest Funnel Operator manual User manuals 1.3 pdf 9.51 MB