EVS Avid Tools 04.09.05

31 Oct 2016
EVS Avid Tools is used for Send to playback (Avid to EVS)
- with intra codecs through EVS Avid DHM Integration (EVS Transfer Engine DHM on the Avid Transfer Engine + EVS Avid Playback Server on EVS hardware)
- with XDCAM through EVS Avid FTP Server
Not compatible with Interplay 3.6+
Compatibility with Multicam 11.02 is abandonned
Not compatible with Multicam 15

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
EVS Avid Tools 4.9.5 Software 4.9.5 zip 59.25 MB
EVS Avid FTP Server configuration document User manuals 1.1 pdf 596.68 KB
EVS Avid Tools 4.9 Release Notes Release notes 4.9 pdf 147.90 KB
EVS Avid Transfer Manager Integration document User manuals 2.1 pdf 1.33 MB
Compatibility Matrix with NLEs Technical manuals 1.18 pdf 179.54 KB